Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mama Said There'd be Days Like These.....

Soooo..... yesterday my 11 year old got his heart broken for the first time. Well, maybe not broken, but his girlfriend of 6 months broke up with him. I was dreading this day for a week now, and it has came and gone. And he's fine!!! So glad at how he is handling it. He can be sensitive, so I wasn't sure how this would all go down. There aint nothin' Mama Can't fix... ;) Just hope they remain friends!

Today will be Week3 Day 2 for c25k. My legs are still sore, but I'm going anyways. I have a big girl's weekend planned at the cottage, so I need to be disciplined before and after Saturday. Not at all on Saturday though. We're taking our bikes and maybe going on a hike while we're there. Hope you can't get fined for drinking and driving (a bike)! :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30, 2009

Yesterday was Week 3, Day 1!!! I loved it!

I had yawned all day, I thought I was going to swallow my face. At suppertime, I picked Brandon up from Krista's and she mentioned how we couldn't run because of the rain. I could have allowed her to believe it was still raining....but I am too damn honest! I told her I'd call her when I got home, because since our last run, my knee feels like it wants to turn outwards. The minute I got int he door I called, I knew I HAD to run last night. The program was run 90 seconds, walk 9o seconds, run 3 mins, walk 3 mins, and repeat. At about 2 mins into the first run, I told Krista I was going to walk, and she said, "No, you can do it!" Actually, she yelled it, because she was WAY ahead of me. And I did it.... I kept going. :) I came home, put 2 rows of Freezies on my shins, and watched Biggest Loser. Was a great night!

Tomorrow is October 1st! Woohoo, let the Hallowe'en decorating begin. I think Hallowe'en should be more of a season, like Christmas, than one day....

Monday, September 21, 2009

First Entry

Since I have started the c25k running program with my husband, I thought I'd start a blog to track our progress. It's more of a public diary. It'll be about everything. I've had lots of people mention me doing a "cosmetic" blog since I no longer work as a cosmetician, and they miss my expertise! :) Love that! So I'll throw that into it too.

Tonight I did W2D2 with Krista. Wasn't liking it. Not a bit. I think the fact that the dog chewed Brandon's cell phone to it's death, might have contributed to the foul mood. But once we were done, I felt great. As always. Once the sweat dries, and the breathing sounds somewhat normal, I can relish int he fact that I am a "runner". Hell, I know it's only running for 90 seconds, walking for 2.5 mins... but it's something!

Geoff is away for work in Ontario. :( Miss him. <3